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About This USA Proxy

US Proxy Server or US Web Proxy is a software, computer program, or website that can be activated to allow you to connect to the serving computer. and US proxy list is a list of american proxy server or us proxy sites. Migrating to free US proxy will allow you to hide your IP as well as your other personal information. If you’re working remotely, or having to work on important files while in the road, there is a huge chance that you’re using a proxy, but do not know about it. As a matter of fact, workers from across the world are using proxy in the form of VPN or virtual private network. VPN is a particular type of proxy which gives you the ability to work on the road or away from your server computer securely. At united states proxy server, you can open blocked sites, change your IP address to USA proxy server IP address, or change your IP address to US IP address.

Why You Should Use US Web Proxy?

There are many reasons why you should use US web proxy. But, the most common reasons why people move their IP address to USA web proxy are to unblock restricted sites and surf the internet anonymously and increased security. or there are many websites only available to american citizens, and to browse those website, USA proxy can help you, it will change your ip to us ip address.
Hide IP Address – When you use US proxy online, your IP address will be substituted with the US ip proxy server address. Remember that your IP address is your online identity, and using US proxy site will make you anonymous.
Increase Security – Public IP addresses are vulnerable to spying and hacker attacks. They can access the sites you have visited and collect your personal information and use them against you. Hackers can also collect your credit card info and rob you. With USA web proxy, you can have peace in mind knowing that you have another layer of security on your network.
Bypass Internet Restrictions – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, or any site that you want to surf banned at your work, office, school, or home? With american proxy servers, you can access them all without getting noticed by anyone.
Hide Browsing History – Every website address that you have visited have a URL that has been encoded by a US web proxy that will expire once you leave the browsing session. This makes browsing history untraceable.
Free USA Proxy– There are paid US proxies, but why spend money when you can use it for free. if you can not buy proxy or can not afford paid proxy or paid VPN, Here, you can get US IP address for free, without cost at all. But, if you want to get the full feature of the Free US proxy server, you would want to subscribe to the company’s US proxy packages.

What are the Benefits of Using USA Proxy or US proxy List?

Private and Secure Browsing - A USA Proxy hides your identity from the external network. This gives you increased security against hacker attack and spam. Additionally, getting US proxy IP do not use cookies so there’s no way any sensitive information about you will be stored on databanks.
Admin – Getting US proxy IP is highly beneficial for large business organizations wherein several users access the internet via single proxy server. As an administrator, you can set firewalls to block websites such as gaming sites, porn sites, social networking sites, and the likes for specific or all users. Moving your US IP to a US Proxy gives you greater filtering capabilities.
Caching – Caching helps to reduce your use of bandwidth. When your proxy server cache data, you can speed up your work. For an instance, when one user has opened a specific website, it takes almost 12 seconds to load. Similarly, when another try to access the same website, the US proxy server will give the second user with cached copy which will likely take 5-6 seconds for the website to load and this will not cost a bandwidth. Content deliver is far much better by reducing the time it takes for the website to be fetched.
Geo-Location Testing – Almost all sites use geo-location technology. This technology helps to make sure that users get to websites with contents relevant to them. A United States proxy IP determines the location of the user and directs them to relevant web pages or sites. In order to implement the geo-location technology, the user needs to test it first. To conduct a geo location technology testing, you can use a US proxy spread throughout the america. The company offers you dependable proxy server than those free us proxies to be found on free us proxy list.
Video Proxy – there are many us proxy service but with limitations. so this proxy us has not limitaion for you on video streaming or downlading, you can enjoy videos sites without limits!

How US Proxy Works?

US Web Proxy is computer program or software that serves as web cache. This enables you to hire your IP address and unblock sites banned in the United States. This makes it possible for anyone to get connected to ban sites that you want to see using an alternative IP address. There are certain sites that are banned outside the United States. With a US proxy you can unblock them and surf them without your IP address being detected. Proxy usa will encode URLS that you have visited, too, which makes your visit history untraceable. Basically, a USA Proxy website is a point to point connection of a remote location on the web and you. For an instance, if your house is in Dallas and you’re working in Seattle or any state in the United States, opening VPN on your office will establish a connection between a dedicated device and your own system at the office which is known as VPN server. The connection that has been created gives to channel to pass through all communication. Your entire traffic whatever it may be will be encrypted in this channel coming from your current physical location to your VPN server. This also increases security of sensitive information as anyone listening or trying to see what the inside of the packets is will see nothing else but static. As a matter of fact, no one will even know what sites you have visited since everything has been encrypted. With this US Proxy, or any proxy is much better security mechanism compared to SSL. With SSL, anyone listening nearby can still see the headers and determine which websites you have visited.

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