Designs are the output of some creative process and are used to implement a plan. A design is actually a blueprint or detailed description of the arrangement or structure of some object or system or even for the implementation of a planned action or procedure, or the outcome of such plan or procedure. The verb to design generally refers to the act of creating a blueprint. Other examples of abstract designs are logos, charts, diagrams and the like.

In the field of industrial design, most new graduates and young professionals who do not have any background in art do not even understand what it takes to create an attractive, functional design. Designers need to understand how to think logically about patterns, colors, textures, and materials in order to come up with innovative designs. A few of the top designers around the world have made their own distinct contributions to the field of industrial design. An overall view of the world today shows that almost all products and services being offered are designed by modern designers.

Industrial designers are required to adhere to a few basic principles, regardless of whether they work in the arts or in the fields of industry. These principles can be loosely classified into five main groups, each one depicting different aspects and functions of the visual elements. These elements include visual space, vision, material science, interactivity, and interaction. Visual space refers to the arrangements of objects within the physical environment; it includes layout, position, dimension and size.

Materials science deals with the study of materials and the properties of these materials. Interaction theory describes the ways in which various systems interact with each other. The final category, interactivity, pertains to the ability to incorporate various elements like graphics, text, images and other media in order to improve user experience and enhance product or service quality.

Many designers are now concentrating more on developing infographics as an effective tool for marketing. In the past, graphic designs were mainly used for aesthetic purposes. But now, there are many companies that recognize the huge potential of infographics in increasing brand awareness. These designers have developed a particular type of infograph that uses the best elements and techniques in combining text, images and colors in the most effective way possible. They are capable of providing both appealing designs and unique information to users.

Graphic design, logo designs and packaging designs are very essential for making brand identity and building brand recognition. There are many elements involved in creating attractive and efficient designs. All the elements are interrelated and when any one of them is not correctly implemented, the designs will not be able to show accurate information or show accurate color contrast.