Agri Maps is a GPS navigation app which enables farmers to make detailed, accurate maps of their agricultural land and working space. It is suitable for both iOS (iphones and tablets) and android phones ( Samsung Galaxy, Nokia E71, etc. ). This is one of the best apps for outdoor enthusiasts, nature buff, travelers, and farmers.

The Agri GPS is an Open Source program. This open source program was created by two IT students, Alex van der Meij and Filip Oprogramawania. These two guys are from Delft University. Filip has over 14 years experience in IT support. Alex has been an active motor sports enthusiast and cyclist for the past few years.

After several months of intensive development, the Agri GPS was launched in the Google Play Store in the summer of 2021. It soon became one of the most downloaded apps of its category. In only a few days, the program was launched in Poland, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines. Almost all these countries were new markets for Agri Maps.

Agri Maps has a user-friendly interface. There are four different levels for you to advance in. There are also many different modes in Agri Maps, depending on what you want to do or where you want to go. If you are an avid cyclist or an outdoor enthusiast, you will love using Agri Maps because it includes features such as speed monitoring, calories burned, route builder, trail markers, and many other useful items.

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